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SIRD Uttarakhand
Question1 :in which year S.G.S.Y scheam lounched
A: 1997 B: 1998
C: 1999 D: 2000
Ans: C
Question2 :Who select the main activities for a block in S.G.S.Y Scheam?
A: B.D.O B: A.B.D.O
C: Block S.G.S.Y Commete D: Block panchayat
Ans: C
Question3 :Maximum number of key actvities can be taken in sgsy scheam for a block is?
A: 4 B: 6
C: 8 D: 10
Ans: D
Question4 :How much percentage of total budget can be used for infrastructure developement in sgsy scheam ?
A: 5 B: 10
C: 15 D: 20
Ans: D
Question5 :Minimum number of member in a SHG in SGSY scheame is ?
A: 2 B: 3
C: 5 D: 10
Ans: C
Question6 :amaximum number in a shg group is?
A: 10 B: 15
C: 20 D: 25
Ans: C
Question7 :If needed , what is the percentage of APL members in a SHG in SGSY scheme ?
A: 5 B: 10
C: 15 D: 20
Ans: D
Question8 :What should be the percentage of women groups out of total SHG formed in a block in SGSY scheame ?
A: 20 B: 30
C: 40 D: 50
Ans: D
Question9 :After how many months of shg formation the first grading of group is done ?
A: 3 B: 6
C: 9 D: 12
Ans: B
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